We are made of energy, and everything is energy!

We are made of energy, and everything is energy!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Energy never dies it just changes form". This is a scientific truth. 

Think about how this applies to what we wear on our bodies. How this makes us feel and how it affects the energy within and around us. Some refer to this as our "aura."

The things that we choose to buy and bring into our lives can affect us in a good OR bad way. When something is created it is made up of the physical components AND the metaphysical components. When we bring this "thing" into our lives it carries with it its physical properties AND its metaphysical properties - and all of this affects our lives either in an uplifting way or a negative way. 

Now let's think about our clothes that we wear on and so close to our bodies. Our clothing has a vibration too, of course. Natural fibers are uplifting and very high vibrational textiles. Think of cotton, hemp, silk and wool. Not only do these fabrics feel good to the physical touch, but they also have energetic properties that uplift our energetic body. When clothing is made by people who are paid well and working in a positive environment, this "good energy" is transformed into the physical  designs and this vibration is carried into your life, home and your energetic body.

Clothing that is made from synthetic fibers and polyester carries with it a negative energy. You can feel it to the physical touch and on an energetic level as well. This most definitely affects our energetic body and our physical body, which in turn affects the way that we orient ourselves in the world. 

The fashion industry has a lot to do to transform to a higher vibration, but there are so many brands emerging who offer organic and natural, ethically made apparel. Many of these brands are thriving because they put in the hard work and are changing the industry of fashion from the inside out. ALL of this, along with our greater, emerging conscious lifestyle culture, is literally shifting our collective energy to a higher vibration on this planet. It is wild to realize, but it's true . .  . and it begins with You!