5 self care tips

5 self care tips

The summer is a very busy time for me as a one-woman business. Through all the shows, designing and travel, I found out how important it is to carve out some time for me. These are the 5 self-care tips I use to keep my vitality strong and stay rooted!

Yoga is my greatest tool to maintaining an overall state of well-being.  It’s a workout that  keeps your  body in great physical health, boosts your  immune system, regulates  circulation, balances hormones and detoxes your system by moving stagnant physical and energetic blockages. This kind of release allows you to feel into your body, tap into your true self and reminds you of who you really are. It is so grounding and the best reset that I have ever found to uplift my life!

Eating raw and vibrant foods
When you eat something that is freshly picked from the earth, you are literally bringing the vitality of that nourishment into your system and it becomes a part of you. The saying “you are what you eat” is so true in this regard. 

In the heat of summer I find eating raw foods cools my system down and makes me feel so alive! Some of my favorite go-tos are big chunks of watermelon and himalayan salt. This combo offers natural electrolytes to deeply hydrate and refresh your body. How about a simple fresh salad with local greens and veggies. Each month you can switch it up based on what your local farmers are carrying. For added protein, toss in some pre-cooked quinoa or a hard boiled egg and top it off with a homemade lemon, herb and olive oil vinaigrette.

Long epsom salt baths
I find a good long bath allows my nervous system to completely unwind. The added benefits of an epsom salt bath are incredible. They are extremely detoxifying, which reduces pain, swelling and inflammation and in effect, can cool the system down. If you exercise this helps your body recover and improves your physical performance. 

It provides your body with copious amounts of magnesium, an essential mineral that your body needs. This aids in lowering your blood pressure, improves your heart health, supports muscle and nerve function and energy production. Magnesium also plays a role in balancing other vital nutrients in the body. 

The minerals that you receive from a good long soak can be just as effective as taking an oral supplement. I like to add an herb that I am vibing with by making it into a simple tea, then straining and pouring it into the bath. At this time I have an abundance of freshly dried rosemary, which promotes hair growth, healthy skin and scalp, reduces mental fatigue, cleanses your liver and is also an antibiotic.

Long walks in nature
I find long walks to be incredibly grounding and revitalizing and the best way to clear my mind and just be. Spending time in nature has been my greatest mental therapy and a big tool that I use to be a successful, magnetic entrepreneur. It clears my mind and connects me back to my heart, reminding me of what truly matters and why we are all here on this earth.

Sharing meaningful connections
Connecting with others is a wonderful way to nourish you! We do not often think of how our emotions affect our vitality, but just like food our body’s need to share connection and feel love. 

This can be with a friend, family member, partner or even a favorite pet, but I have found that dropping in on someone during your day and taking the time to share something meaningful can give you a kind of energy that you cannot find through anything else. Sharing connection in any form is in a way, sharing love, and love is the most powerful energy of all. It does wonders for the immune system, reduces stress, gives you a sense of belonging and lifts your mood. And it always puts a smile on my face 🙂